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Taking on an Apprentice or Trainee

Taking on an Apprentice or Trainee is easy - when you partner with the experts ... Golden West Apprenticeships.

Apprentices and trainees are the smart way to recruit and train employees to meet your current and future business needs. Not only will you be contributing to building an economic and sustainable future for your business and your community, but when you partner with Golden West Apprenticeships we do all the hard work and administration for you.

There are two options when considering engagement of an apprentice or trainee.  You can do it yourself, or do it through a Group Training Organisations (GTO) such as Golden West Apprenticeships.

Many businesses consider the Group Training option the best, as it takes out all of the hard work and risk out of employing an apprentice or trainee.

If you consider the Golden West Apprenticeships option, we are legal the employer of your apprentice or trainee. As the employer we do all the HR and administration work, we work with the apprentice to ensure they are attending training and getting exposure to the type of work their course requires, we work through any issues they may have.  You still have role to play as the Host Employer, and are able to training the apprentice to suit your needs.

As the Host Employer you will be responsible for supervising their work-based training, provide a safe working environment and release them from work duties so they can participate in training at a Registered Training Organisation such as TAFE.

We totally understand that in today's business environment, things can change pretty quickly, and if your business faces a downturn at any time in the future, you are able to return the apprentice to Golden West Apprenticeships.

We’ve outlined the options below:

Employment Factor


Golden West Apprenticeships

Recruitment YOU create the job advertisement, and advertise and recruit at YOUR expense.

YOU receive and screen all applications.

YOU organise and conduct interviews.

YOU communicate with all unsuccessful applicants.

This is service is provide to you at NO cost when you partner with Golden West Apprenticeships. 

Golden West provides advertise through our usual marketing channels, including website, social media and other job boards.

Golden West uses our own database of jobready candidates.  You can view this database here:

Golden West receives, assesses, interviews and shortlists applicants to meet your requirements and organises final interviews. YOU select the candidate to suit your needs.

Golden West communicates with all unsuccessful applicants.
Paperwork and Induction YOUR responsibility. 

You must maintain all time and wage records as well as issue payslips and the annual PAYG Summaries. 

You must be aware of any legislative changes that arise and understand how to implement them.

Maintain a Worker’s Compensation policy and manage all injuries appropriately. 

YOU are responsible for ensuring you comply with all dismissal legislative requirements.

Have you ever considered what this actually costs your business in personnel time and expenses?

Golden West takes full responsibility for ensuring the relevant qualification and suitable RTO are selected.  

Golden West complete employment and training contracts including liaising with the provider.

Golden West ensures a comprehensive workplace health and safety training and inductions are completed.

Golden West ensure all administration and reporting of taxation, superannuation, leave and WorkCover is reported.  Apprentices and trainees are covered under Golden West’s WorkCover Policy.  Golden West makes payments for superannuation, WorkCover and Leave Loading. 
Golden West ensure that all Fair Work requirements are continually review and implemented.
Ongoing Support and Management The employee and all of their issues are YOUR responsibility.
If problems arise, YOU contact the relevant Department to sort out.

You are assigned a Golden West Training and Employment Coordinator who will work with the apprentice or trainee for the duration of their training.
Golden West provides regular, structure one-to-one meetings with the apprentice.
Golden West monitors and reviews all training progression and compliance.

Golden West conducts regular performance discussions with the apprentice to ensure any workplace issues are managed.  
What if business slows down? How will you cope? 
What are your legal responsibilities to the employee?
Golden West is required to make every effort to relocate the apprentice or trainee to another Host Employer.

We take the stress away from you and work with the apprentice or trainee to find a workable solution.

It makes sense to hire an Apprentice or Trainee in your business. What are you waiting for? Give us a call on 1300 650 775 today.

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