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Strategic Planning

Statement by the Chairman, GoldenWest Apprenticeships, Mr Lindsay Weber

The GoldenWest Board met recently to discuss the strategic direction for the organisation and the plans for the upcoming.

The Board and I would like to congratulate the staff involved in the recent Strategic Planning Forum which was held in Dalby. As a Board we reviewed the output from the session and can I say all Directors were extremely pleased with the outcome. Not surprised but pleased and invigorated.

On reading the Forum’s submission to the Board, I could feel the passion almost as if I was in the room with you. It is real and something I have felt on the many occasions I have met with staff over the years. I know the team live and breathe their jobs every day, but to take time out to review and plan for the future has been most valuable to yourselves and the organisation.

The work completed at the Forum shows an obvious commitment and dedication to what GoldenWest is and provides an outline of where the team feels it should be going.

Congratulations for what you have achieved to date and I look forward to reading further material as it is completed and seeing the results and outcomes that I know will follow.

Lindsay Weber, Chairman

GoldenWest commences planning strategy for the future

GoldenWest Apprenticeships have commenced a process to review and renew their Corporate Vision and the Organisation’s Mission and put in place a plan to deliver the strategic direction as it has been determined.

Staff recently came together from all the branches from Toowoomba to Roma to discuss where GoldenWest is at present and where, as an organisation, we need to be in the next 5 years, 10 years and 25 years.

“GoldenWest has a proud heritage as a Group Training Organisation having been established in Roma in 1988, 25 years ago. The overriding sentiment coming forward from the staff is that they intend that GoldenWest will still be here in another 25 years!” GWA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Clinton Weber said today,

“It will take the form of a strong, sustainable and flexible organisation ensuring the training needs and career aspirations of the youth and mature aged job seekers of our huge area are met. We will deliver with integrity, respect, loyalty and be honest in all our dealings.” Mr Weber said today.

“We cannot forget that GoldenWest serves the populations of regional and western Queensland from Laidley in the east to Cloncurry in the north west of Queensland and every location in between. The task, really, is enormous.”

Staff used terminology such as “integrity”, “quality customer service”, “highly qualified workforce”, “nurturing relationships” and “communities we serve” to develop their vision for GoldenWest. These are powerful words on their own but when coupled together they present a Vision that expresses a commitment and dedication not only to Group Training but to the communities GoldenWest serves and works in.

“I was extremely proud of my staff in the way they worked together with such passion and commitment to the task of the day. But more so for the passion they exuded for improving the skills of our youth as well as mature aged job seekers looking to improve their skills. I have been involved and run many similar sessions over my 30 year working life but rarely have I witnessed such passion for what these people do on a dayly basis. It was truly uplifting and provides a great platform for us to build on.” Mr Weber continued.

Everyone from the Lockyer Valley to Cloncurry can be sure the staff of GoldenWest have their best interests at heart and will work tirelessly to ensure the objective is met whatever that objective might be.

“Shortly following the staff gathering I met with the GoldenWest Board to review the work done and ascertain their views of the proposed strategic direction. To their credit the Board Members endorsed the Vision, values and other work wholeheartedly and commended the staff on the outcome. This support and understanding of the process is a crucial aspect for the organisation and in fact the community, going forward.”

“The best part is that the process does not finish here. In partnership with the Board, our Host Employers, apprentices, trainees and overseas workers, we will now work on the strategies and plans to take the work done to date forward. It will take a little while but I know the result will be outstanding. I cannot wait!!”

Summary information on our strategic planning process

GoldenWest Vision

“We, through our integrity and quality customer service, will lead the state in developing a highly qualified workforce by creating and nurturing relationships with the communities we serve”

GoldenWest Values

  • Integrity
  • Respect for each other and those we deal with
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty

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