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"We are really glad Karl (Menkins) is staying on as a qualified tradesman, mechanic, now that he has completed his apprenticeship,"  DEL HENNINGSEN, CHINCHILLA

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Jack of All Trades


Jack Gesch is well on his way to being a Jack of All Trades, at just 20 years of age Jack has already completed a Cabinetmaking apprenticeship and has now commenced his second apprenticeship in Carpentry.

“I commenced the Carpentry apprenticeship as a second trade to expand on my knowledge of the construction industry, once I complete and gain further experience in the industry, I might start my own business” said Jack.  

Jack commenced the Cabinetmaking apprenticeship as a school-based apprentice in November 2011 employed by Golden West Apprenticeships.  After completing grade 12, Jack then transition to full-time employment and successfully completed on 24th June 2016.  

“Jack has shown great aptitude and commitment to his apprenticeship; after Jack’s host employer in Toowoomba closed down, Jack was willing to go anywhere to complete his apprenticeship. Golden West used our vast network of host employers to secure a new host for Jack in Warwick” said Ross Coyler, Training and Employment Coordinator at Golden West Apprenticeships.  “Golden West absolutely helped getting me through my apprenticeship.  They managed to get me into three different joiners, which would have been difficult to organise on my own” Jack said.

Pictured : Jack Gesch on the job

Jack only gave himself a month’s break before commencing his Carpentry apprenticeship last week, again with Golden West Apprenticeships and host employed to Bond Homes and Construction.  “Jack was very keen to get started in his second apprenticeship, and with some industry experience under his belt already, he will be an asset on the job site from day one” said Ross Coyler. 

Jack had some advice for any school leavers thinking about undertaking an apprenticeship “use any work experience opportunities, find out what you really want to do and commit to it”.  

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