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Winter Safety Tips


With the seasons changing and the cooler weather settling in, the potential for accidents is increasing and we want to ensure all employees and host employers stay safe. Here are a few suggestions and tips that can be done in the workplace, at home and on the road to stay safe throughout winter.

Workplace Safety

  1. Ensure loose fitting garments (scarves, gloves) are removed before operating machinery
  2. Consider employees working outside in cold conditions 
  3. Ensure floor surfaces are clear and free of water/ice to avoid slips and falls
  4. Prevent staff illness by keeping warm and following correct hygiene practices
  5. Take regular breaks and don’t overexert

Safety at Home

  1.  Give portable heaters at least 1m space and don’t leave unattended
  2.  Clean and service heaters/air conditioners
  3.  Test smoke alarms annually
  4.  Have an emergency evacuation plan in place
  5.  Check electrical cords on electrical blankets and heaters for fraying/damage

Road Safety Tips

  1. Clear windscreens of ice and check wipers are in good condition
  2. Try avoid sudden braking to prevent skidding
  3. Make sure headlights are in working order
  4. Keep ample distance between other vehicles and drive to conditions
  5. Do a maintenance check and inspect your tyres for pressure and thread

When host employers and employees prepare for the winter season and take the correct actions to prevent potential incidents occurring, winter will be enjoyable and safe for everyone.

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