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  • BJ Hydraulics

    by GW admin | May 14, 2018

    David:  "Golden West Apprenticeships are an excellent service provider, excellent communication, extremely efficient, cooperative in all areas, Employment Coordinator and in their Administration Services."

  • Chris Strong of St. Andrews Hospital

    by GW admin | May 14, 2018

    Chris Strong:  "Golden West Apprenticeships to date has placed two apprentice chefs and two hospitality trainees in our organisation. The process from start to finish has been nothing less than brilliant."

  • Kamika Maynard

    by GW admin | Sep 19, 2017

    Kamika Maynard completed her Business Administration traineeship with Golden West and will now be joining TAFE QLD - South West.

    Kamika on Golden West:

    "Just wanted to send a quick thank you all for your help, support and guidance throughout my traineeship with Golden West. 

    I have really enjoyed my time working with you guys and gained so much confidence and knowledge over the past 12 months.  Although I am sad to leave Golden West, I am looking forward to my opportunity at TAFE and seeing where it takes me."

  • Anonymous

    by GW admin | Jan 05, 2017

    Mother of automotive mechanic apprentice thanks Amanda Ruhle, training and employment coordinator at Golden West for helping her son complete his apprenticeship.

    "Amanda, this is Matt's mum, I would like to express my complete gratitude to you and thank you for your tireless energy and effort with assisting Matt to his trade certificate.

    Golden West needs to be very proud to have you has a staff member, you are truly a credit to have.

    I would like to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year"

  • Damien Baker completes apprenticeship

    by GW admin | Oct 22, 2014

    Damien Baker is a GoldenWest Apprenticeship’s High Achiever. As well as having finished his trade qualification – Certificate III Engineering – Mechanical Trade – on October 17, he is just a few days away from celebrating 5 years with his Host Employer Exterran.

    When we asked him why he decided to do an Apprenticeship, Damien said he had been working as a labourer in construction and enjoyed working with his hands. “When the opportunity came up to get a qualification and a trade under my belt, I went for it,” he said.

    “The best thing about doing an apprenticeship for me was I learnt so many things. Particularly with Exterran – there’s a large range of work that you just can’t get any many other businesses,” he said.

    Damien’s advice to anyone who is given the opportunity to do an apprenticeship is to GO FOR IT!

    Damien’s supervisor at Exterran was AMS Manager East Coast Graeme Smith. “Damien’s been really good, he’s diligent, has a great attitude and listens. He also has a great work ethic.”

    “He’s been part of the furniture around here for a long time, it’s sad to see him go,” said Smith.

    Apprenticeships offer up a lot of opportunity for anyone who is willing to make the commitment, and Damien is evidence of the opportunities for success. We are very proud of our apprentices and we wish Damien all the best as he moves on to another successful adventure in his life.

  • Apprentice becomes teacher

    by GW admin | Sep 24, 2014

    MATT TROST: Matt has completed his cabinet making apprenticeship in 2014 and is now supervising Indigenous school-based apprentice Keenan Cordrey at Wippells Kitchens in St. George.

    GoldenWest qualified cabinet maker Mat Trost

    Pictured left is Matt Trost, centre Keenan Cordrey and right Ed Wippell - business owner.

    Matt started his cabinet making apprenticeship with Wippells Kitchens and has completed his qualification. He is staying on with Wippells and is able to supervise Indigenous school-based apprentice Keenan Cordrey.

    More news on this trio here

  • Zoe Peak

    by GW admin | Jul 08, 2014

    Why did you decide to do a traineeship after you left school?

    After finishing school I still had no idea which career I wanted to pursue but I knew I needed to start somewhere! Getting a traineeship with GoldenWest Apprenticeships was the best decision as at the end of my traineeship I will get a Certificate III in Business Administration which will be helpful in my future career endeavours.

    What things have you learned so far that could help you decide on your career choice in the future?

    So far I have learnt the ins and outs of an office environment and how each role has a specific purpose to ensure that the company meets its full potential and delivers great service to its customers. Regardless of my long-term career choice, this is a great learning environment and I can see myself looking towards more training and even a business management role in the future.

    Zoe Peak pictured above promoting GoldenWest's Recruit A Mate campaign.

    Do you have a supervisor and how have they helped you learn on the job?

    Yes. My supervisor is here in the office with me and whenever I have a question, am unsure of what to do, or it's time to learn something new, my supervisor is there to help me out in whatever the situation might be.

    Would you recommend a Business Administration Traineeship to others?

    Yes. An Admin traineeship is a great place to start, especially if you're like me and unsure of exactly where you should start. Business Admin is everywhere and is needed in all businesses and the the skills and qualifications it can help you to be that step above the rest to achieve the job that you desire.

    The staff here at GoldenWest are friendly and helpful and help you to reach your full potential in whatever career pathway you decide on. I get to work alongside people who help young apprentices and trainees every day, it's a great job.

  • Chloe Howlett

    by GW admin | Jul 08, 2014

    Bronc riding hairdresser takes on school-based apprenticeship

    Just 16 years old, local school student Chloe Howlett is undertaking a hairdressing apprenticeship right here in Roma. She is a down-to-earth country girl. A pleasant, mild manner doesn’t totally hide the strength of her self-belief or the mature confidence beyond her young years. 

    Chloe’s apprenticeship started in June 2013 and she’s the first to say she loves every minute of it. She had an opportunity to start as a tea and tidy assistant at the local salon, doing general clean up as part-time work experience, and really liked it.

    school based apprentice hairdresser

    “When I was offered the apprenticeship opportunity to do hairdressing I grabbed it with both hands,” Chloe said.

    “I am happy to be working here and really enjoy all of the work. Next month, I am doing a full block of training on cutting hair and I’m excited about that.”

    Chloe Howlett is one of six school-based students in the Maranoa region completing an apprenticeship as part of Santos GLNG’s school-based program for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander apprentices and trainees. The Roma School-based program is funded by Santos GLNG and managed by GoldenWest Apprenticeships. It provides opportunities for students to complete secondary schooling as well as excelling in their chosen career.

    Chloe said she believed the apprenticeship kept her grounded, gave her a sense of purpose and enabled her to look forward to a bright future ahead.

    “It has given me a sense of maturity and I feel like I am making a contribution,” Chloe said. She said she would recommend an apprenticeship to other school students, “I have a friend who is doing an apprenticeship and my brother is doing boiler making.  An apprenticeship is a good way of getting work experience so you don’t get thrown in the deep end when you leave school. “

    “This way I can do it gradually and have a head start when I finish Year 12, and I am really looking forward to being able to do this full-time,” Chloe said.

    Left: Emma Sainty supervises while Chloe washes Santos GLNG Landholder Adviser Field Emma Tighe's hair.

    Santos GLNG Maranoa Regional Manager Sam Klaas said the business was pleased to be helping young people by sponsoring a range of school-based traineeships, apprenticeships and cadetships in the areas where Santos GLNG operated.

    “We are committed to ensuring the communities in which we operate are a great place to live and work; we have a similar program in Gladstone and we are also looking to start one in Brisbane,” Mr Klaas said.

    “We have a proven track record of investing the benefits of a world-class gas industry back into the community and helping young people transition from school into meaningful employment is just one of the many ways we continue to support Queenslanders.”

    Chloe’s host employer, Emma Sainty, from Loud Life Hair & Style in Roma, spoke highly of Chloe’s attitude and aptitude.

    “Chloe comes from hard working parents who have instilled in her a healthy sense of respect for others and an exceptional work ethic,” Emma said.

    “She always makes herself available when required, goes above and beyond her duties and really stepped up to the plate over the Christmas period when we were super busy.  She worked all but three days over that period and was a huge help in the salon,” she said.

    Chloe gives her all to everything she’s involved in, and in her spare time, is a skilled horse woman who began bronc riding Shetland ponies in 2009 and won the Junior Bronc riding Grand Championship that year at the Wandoan rodeo.

    With her sights set on state championships and winning the Poley Saddle Buckjump at Warwick Rodeo, Chloe has embarked on her Golden West apprenticeship with the same fervour and dedication. 

  • Hamish Cutmore

    by GW admin | Feb 10, 2014

    It was fantastic being able to take up this apprenticeship while still at school. I enjoyed combining school work and on-the-job learning. It took a huge weight off my shoulders knowing I had a fulltime apprenticeship to continue with once I finished Year 12.

    It's been a fantastic experience and now that I have completed and have my trade qualification I have been able to negotiate a fulltime position with B&B Machinery and will be staying on fulltime.

    It's great to be able to stay here in Toowoomba and work locally.

  • Mark Crawford

    by GW admin | Feb 07, 2014

    "I have been here all my life and you kind of feel obliged to hang around after all the time and money they have put into your training."

    "I appreciate the opportunity I had to do a carpentry apprenticeship, this has set me up for life."

    Mark's Host Employer, Ted Storey from Supa Constructions has taken on another apprentice, Osca Brady.

  • Shay Rose

    by GW admin | Dec 31, 2013

    "I have learnt so much doing this Admin traineeship and it has given me so many skills and improved my confidence. I appreciate the opportunity I had at GoldenWest Apprenticeships. During my training they allowed me to try lots of new things and we very supportive."

    Shay Rose has completed her Certificate III in Business Administration Traineeship - December, 2013, just 10 months after commencement. Shay has been a valued member of the GoldenWest Apprenticeships team in Roma and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours as she embarks on a new career.

  • Peter Von Pein

    by User Not Found | Apr 03, 2013

    “I would encourage anyone thinking of taking on a mature aged apprenticeship or traineeship to do it! It will be the best decision you ever make.”

    Peter Von Pein, Apprentice Butcher

  • Shay Rose 2

    by User Not Found | Apr 03, 2013

    "My supervisor has been showing me the ropes and is always encouraging and tries to make every job as fun as possible.  Every day there is something new and exciting to do and learn. It is great to be able to work in an environment where everyone is focused on helping others.”

    Shay Rose, Business Administration Trainee

  • Shay Rose

    by User Not Found | Apr 03, 2013

    “I understand how difficult it is when searching for employment, especially in a small town however, Golden West Apprenticeships takes the stress away by offering many different types of employment and organising a very easy path to your career.”


    Shay Rose, Business Administration Trainee

  • Phillip Karl

    by User Not Found | Sep 05, 2012

    “I’m grateful for the opportunity Golden West and Colin has given me. It’s good to get my apprenticeships completed in a short time where my prior skills have been recognised and the outcome is a trade certificate.”

    Phillip Karl, Apprentice Carpenter

  • Stacey-Lee Kelly

    by User Not Found | Sep 05, 2012

    “I am so thankful for the opportunity and support I was given by Golden West Apprenticeships throughout my traineeship."

    Stacey-Lee Kelly, School-Based Business Trainee 

  • Michelle Gorry

    by User Not Found | Sep 05, 2012

    “I am very grateful for the opportunity I was given through the Access Program. I’d like to thank Golden West Apprenticeships and Bogarts Coffee Lounge, particularly Beth, who has helped me throughout my traineeship.” 

    Michelle Gorry, Hospitality Trainee

  • Benn Gudenswager

    by User Not Found | Sep 05, 2012

    “Going through Golden West, allows me and my host to get on with my training. They really help out a lot with all the paper work such as TAFE and tools for your trade.” 

    Benn Gudenswager, Apprentice Carpenter

  • Shaun Robinsen

    by User Not Found | Sep 05, 2012

    “I was given a fantastic opportunity as a teenager to complete an apprenticeship with Golden West and now I want to give the same opportunity to others. I’m now committed to helping skill Queensland’s youth.” 

    Shaun Robinsen, Apprentice Electrician

  • Dean Hardacre

    by User Not Found | Sep 05, 2012

    “Golden West provides a good support system for me while I complete my training; it is good to know I have someone to go to if I have a problem in the workplace. All my college and paperwork is completed for me; which means one less thing to worry about.” 

    Dean Hardacre, School-Based Information Technology Trainee

  • Miranda Bird

    by User Not Found | Sep 05, 2012

    “If I have questions about my training I turn to Golden West they assist me in resolving any problems I might have.  Undertaking an apprenticeship can be very rewarding and creates a lot of opportunities. My goal is to travel the world working in different bakeries and one day opening and owning my own cake shop, Golden West Employment Solutions is helping me achieve these goals.”

    Miranda Bird, Apprentice Baker

  • Central Airlines Pty Ltd

    by User Not Found | Sep 05, 2012

    “I no longer have to worry about organising the apprentice or dealing with their paperwork, Golden West takes care of all that for me.”

    Darren Matthews, Central Airlines Pty Ltd

  • Cafe 54

    by User Not Found | Sep 05, 2012

    “Having Andrew go through the STEP program and Golden West allowed for extra support during his traineeship. Having a third party to support me as an employer ensured Andrew understood the importance of his traineeship.” 

    Jodie Faulkner, Cafe 54

  • Barry Wills Construction Pty Ltd

    by User Not Found | Sep 05, 2012

    “Going through a Group Training Organisation such as Golden West allows me to hand my apprentice back during times of down turn if needed – gives me the extra flexibility.” 

    Barry Wills, Barry Wills Construction Pty Ltd

  • Rosslyn Bay Diesel Services

    by User Not Found | Sep 05, 2012

    "Utilising the services of Golden West, means I don't have to worry about TAFE, it allows me to focus on supervising and teaching Blair his trade."

    Jason - Supervisor, Rosslyn Bay Diesel Services

  • Maranoa Regional Council

    by User Not Found | Sep 05, 2012

    "As a large organisation Maranoa Regional Council has a considerable ongoing need for new talent. Just this year we have hosted 4 trainees through Golden West Employment Solutions. The employment of trainees and apprentices is a great way to fill the need as it not only allows us to develop skills specific to our environment but also provides additional employment opportunities for young people in our communities."

    Stuart Randle - CEO Maranoa Regional Council

  • Thru a Lens Media

    by Golden West | Aug 06, 2012
    Golden West helped find a suitable Trainee for my business which I’m very happy with. I decided to use Golden West for their professional attitude and as they are the employer during the initial traineeship, they oversee all documentation and contracts, wages, provide mentoring with regular visits and monitor the trainees progress."
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